One of SBA’s many goals is to facilitate more integration between students and faculty who play critical roles in their academic experience. To this end, the SBA Faculty-Student Committee has established opportunities for interested students to participate as voting members on select faculty committees. This email serves to address two issues: 1) student participation on faculty committees and 2) openness of meetings under Florida law. 

We are now accepting applications for students to fill these important roles. Please see the information below and submit your application by Wednesday, September 27th if interested. If you have any questions about the application process or roles, you may contact Paul Cuffe, Chair, at

Purpose of the Faculty Committees

One of the most valuable resources at UF Law is our faculty. The opportunity to sit on a Faculty Committee provides students the ability to work in a professional capacity alongside Law School Deans and Professors, and provides an opportunity outside of class to network with professors at the law school. 

The University of Florida is a Faculty run law school, meaning a lot of decisions that affect law students are made within Faculty Committees. There are certain Faculty Committees that are not only open to students, but also give students a voting seat.

  • Appointments  (2 seats)
  • Curriculum (1 seat)
  • Facilities & Sustainability (1 seat)

In addition, the members of the following committees have for this academic year agreed to allow a student member.  The committee will decide whether the student will vote or not. 

  • Academic Standards (1 seat)
  • Distance Learning (1 seat)
  • International Programming (1 seat)
  • Pro Bono (Ad Hoc Committee) (1 seat)

Goal of the SBA 

The goal of the SBA Faculty-Student Committee is to place qualified students onto these 3 specific faculty committees where students have a voting interest. Additionally, the SBA Faculty-Student Committee may place a representative on additional, open, Faculty Committees (listed below). If a student is appointed to a Faculty Committee, the student will attend all Faculty Meetings. The student must be ready to contribute meaningfully to the discussion within the Committee and vote whenever necessary. Additionally, the student will take minutes of the meeting and report to the SBA Faculty-Student Committee at either a meeting or via email after the Faculty Committee Meeting.

All interested 2L and 3L students should apply via THIS LINK.

This application is due Wednesday, September 27th, at 11:59 PM.

In the event this link does not work, this Application may also be reached by copy and pasting the following link into a web browser:

In addition, some faculty committee meetings are open under Florida law.  You may attend and observe. 

Faculty Committees

2017-18 Committee Chairs – Open Meetings

Adjunct Teaching

Jonathan Cohen



John Stinneford


Curriculum (Combined with Strategic Planning) ˇ

Danaya Wright


Distance Learningˇ

William Hamilton


Diversity & Community Relations

Shani King


Facilities & Sustainabilityˇ

Teresa Drake


Faculty Development

Darren Hutchinson


International Programsˇ

Jon Mills


Non-Tenure Track Appointments, Promotions, etc.

Leslie Knight


Pro Bonoˇ  

Silvia Menendez

ˇ          Committees with Voting Seats

2017-18 Committee Chairs – Partially Open

Academic Standards**

Christine Klein



Lea Johnston


**        Meetings Partially Open  (open only if the committee is not considering information connected to individual students).