Dear UF Law Students: 

The UF Law SBA (SBA) and Law College Council (LCC) recognize the difficulty students have had in figuring out what is required of them for student organization re-registration, and then executing those steps in compliance with the university’s requirements. To that end, SBA and LCC responsively planned a joint workshop to help student organization leadership re-register their organization on Wednesday, September 27, 2017. SBA and LCC also scheduled an on-site SG Finance Training to facilitate some of the required steps for student organizations to receive SG Funding on Thursday, September 28. 

We understand, however, that there was some confusion about whether the Wednesday night re-registration meeting would count as officer training. This event was created to bring together the SBA and LCC to help organizations  re-register and was designed to be informal. To avoid further confusion, we have cancelled the event in hopes of allowing more students the time to attend the SG Finance Training the following day. 

For tips on getting your organization in compliance, check out SBA’s Orgs @ UF Law guide.

SBA Student Organizations Liaison, Samantha Jacob, and the Law College Council President, Adam Samei, are working together to try and make this process as smooth as possible. They will both be available to answer any questions you may have via email or phone before the re-registration deadline (this Friday at 11:59PM). Please find their contact information below:



If you cannot make it to the law school campus UF Finance SG training (this Thursday 9/28 at noon) or if you missed the first half of the training (the Student Activities and Involvement portion) last Thursday, please note that main campus will be offering two final officer training dates: 

·        Tuesday, October 3 from 4-6 p.m. in the Reitz Union Auditorium

·        Tuesday, October 3 from 7-9 p.m. in the Reitz Union Auditorium

Please be advised that both the President as well as the Treasurer of your organization must attend in order to receive SG funds.

In light of the hurricane a couple of weeks ago and subsequent campus closures, Ms. Jacob requested an extension on the re-registration deadline from main campus SG. That request was unfortunately denied. Please be advised that the deadline for online submission of re-registration (including the portion that must be filled out by your advisor) is still this Friday, September 29, at 11:59PM.

The SG re-registration process must be completed each fiscal year by those organizations that are “Registered Student Organizations” as defined by UF SG. If you’re not sure about this, an easy way to find out is to ask your organization’s E-board members from last year. You can also e-mail Catherine Pedersen at  if you have any further questions on officer training, advisors, or constitutional revisions.