Sebastien Antoine, 3L, originally from Port Au Prince, Haiti moved to South Florida at the age of 8 years old. His dream of becoming an attorney began in middle school.

“I wanted to be a lawyer, it was my main goal for a long time.”, Sebastien expressed.

However, when it was time to embark on his undergraduate journey, at Florida Atlantic University, he diverted from the pursuit of the legal field to the pursuit of a career in the medical field. Upon completion of his bachelors, he began searching for a graduate program. Suddenly, the urge to enter back into the legal field consumed him again. After receiving many acceptances to other law schools, Sebastien chose UF Law.

In the spirit of diversity, we inquired about what diversity means to Sebastien Antoine.

“Diversity means inclusion for people who normally wouldn’t have an opportunity to be included. They have an opportunity to succeed when often times that option isn’t afforded. It is so important because each culture, each distinct community has a unique attribute that society doesn’t always get to see. It is a way to let society into your culture.”

Coinciding with his beliefs, Sebastien served as the President of the Caribbean Law Association; he was a member of the Alternative Dispute Resolution team; and he served as the Historian for the Black Law Students Association.

As Sebastien comes to the end of his journey here at the UF Law, he has plans to work as in-house counsel for a hospital or health care organization. Ultimately, having the best of both worlds, combining his medical and legal interests.

This piece was researched and written by Alexis Moore, SBA 1L Representative