The Student Bar Association at UF Law will host Spring 2020 Elections for our 2020-21 Executive Board on Tuesday, February 23, 2021. This page announces the candidates and, for those candidates who have provided it, gives a small statement as to why they have sought the position.

Candidates for President

Pranav S. Patel

About Me: My name is Pranav Patel, and I am a 2L. I am a Biomedical Engineer by training from Northwestern University. I have also completed graduate work in Biology and Bioethics from Harvard University and public health with a focus on Health Policy (MPH) from George Washington University. Outside of the SBA, I currently serve as the Assistant Editor in Chief of the Journal of Technology Law & Policy and the President of the Intellectual Property & Technology Law Association. I have also completed extensive research work resulting in numerous publications, both here at the law school with Professor Jennifer Bard regarding COVID-19 (SSRN and Bill of Health) and at the Harvard Medical School Center of Bioethics (JAMA Internal Medicine). Most recently, I interned at NASA’s Stennis Space Center Office of Chief Counsel on the Space Law Project.  

Fun Facts: Outside of academia and professional work, I am the owner of and choreographer for an internationally touring dance company, AfroDesi (, IG @afrod3si), that aims to push cultural literacy through dance through a unique fusion of African and Indiana dance forms. I also lead multiple South Asian Community Organizations, organize cultural events, and mentor emerging South Asian artists.  

SBA Activity: As part of the SBA, I have served as both a 1L and a 2L student representative, and I currently serve as the inaugural Committee Chairperson of the Outreach and Engagement Committee. As a 1L representative, I served as a member of both the Allocations Committee and the Faculty-Student Committee. As Committee Chairperson, I am happy to share that the Outreach and Engagement Committee, in its first year, has successfully completed numerous initiatives, including the Green Dot Training program in Fall 2020. This semester, the committee is on track to complete the Student Integration, Student Spotlight, and Law School Interest Programs. This semester, I am starting as a Liaison for the Primary Care Progress (PCP) Mentor-Mentee Team at UF.  

Why President: I believe that my diverse educational, professional, and leadership experiences contribute to my facility with a broad array of tasks that align with both the mission of the SBA in fostering a collaborative, engaging, and respectful environment and the responsibilities of the President of the SBA. More specifically, amidst the global pandemic, I look forward to continuing to improve both intra- and inter- professional collaboration by implementing cross-committee initiatives that target communication measures across platforms. If given the opportunity to be President of the SBA, I am keen on continuing the great work that the SBA consistently does through sound leadership and working on expanding SBA’s reach, both within the entire University of Florida community and with organizations across the country.  

Thank you, the UF law community, for your consideration.

Kyler L. Gray

I would like to first acknowledge how excited I am to even be in the running to help represent you and the almost 1,100 students who call UF Law home. It has always been my highest passion and purpose to serve and advocate for those around me. Which is why I ask one simple question, what do you want your UF Law experience to be? If you want an experience that is transformative, empowering, equitable, and fun, I share in that same vision. I am a dedicated leader with a proven track record for intently listening to student concerns, facilitating partnerships with faculty and staff, turning initiatives into reality, and most importantly, serving and positively upholding the interests of those whom I represent. While serving as the Student Body President of my previous institution, which entailed managing an almost 20.4-million-dollar budget and serving the interests of nearly 70,000 students, my team and I participated in moving the institution into a new age through enriching and empowering our academic and student success enterprises. Most recently since having been elected and served as a 1L Class Representative for SBA, I see the potential for our organization, and the potential impacts it can make in the respective areas of engagement, development, and inclusion. So, why not hit the ground running, and get to work? 

It would be both an honor and a privilege to serve you this following year as President of the Student Bar Association. Which is why I respectfully thank you for your consideration and thank you for your vote.

Candidates for Vice President

Hope McKnight

When I came to law school, everything was so new to me. In order to understand more about this profession, I wanted to be involved in student organizations. Since my first semester here at UF Law, I have been involved with the SBA. I was first a 1L, Section 3 representative and have served this past year as the SBA’s Secretary. I truly enjoy being a part of the SBA because it helps to bring all of the student organizations and, I believe, all of UF Law together. SBA creates a sense of camaraderie with the students here at UF Law and works to help the student organizations grow and succeed. I have loved my time as the SBA Secretary and would like to have the opportunity to take on the role of the SBA’s Vice President for my 3L year. Thank you for giving me the chance to be your Secretary. If elected as the SBA’s Vice President, I will work hard to make sure that everyone’s questions, concerns, and ideas are heard.

Thomas G. E. Gilhooly

My name is Tom Gilhooly and I hope to serve the student body as SBA Vice-President. I am currently the Vice-Chairman of the Events Committee and have cherished the chance to create opportunities for the student body to come together, despite the challenges that we all face. My purpose for running is simple. I love UF and the people that I’ve met here. My greatest goal is to be a Vice-President that will diligently listen to the student body and promote its vision for the future of our law school. If given this extraordinary opportunity, I plan to utilize the relationships that I’ve gained in my 6 years at UF to promote the diverse interests of all UF law students.

Sarah Lucker

My name is Sarah Lucker and I am running for SBA Vice-President because I have seen first-hand the power that student governments have to change the world for the better. During my undergraduate studies at the University of South Florida, I had the incredible opportunity to lead others in the service of our student body as the President of the Student Government Senate. Throughout my time in the Senate, my main goal was to be a servant-leader and try my best to fulfill the needs of our community. I’ve experienced communicating with university administration on the behalf of students, collaborating with other student leaders to host university wide events, and mentoring a team of committee chairs to increase programming and efficiency.

Being in Student Government was one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life: it challenged me to grow in new ways on a daily basis and showed me how much good we can do when we work together. This passion has motivated my involvement here at UF. As a 1L student, I was elected to serve as an SBA representative of my section and I now serve as the Vice-Chair of SBA’s Mental Wellness Committee.

If I am elected to serve as your SBA Vice-President, I will bring my same dedication for servant-leadership to fully devote myself to caring for our law school community.

Candidate for Treasurer

Chris Hill

After a rewarding first semester as a section representative on the Student Bar Association, I am excited for the opportunity to serve as the SBA Treasurer for the 2021-2022 school year. As Treasurer, I would aim to provide careful oversight of the budget and adequate funding for the many fantastic events offered by our committees. I also wish to continue operating as a communicative agent for my peers, by representing their comments and concerns to the student body at large, as well as to the administrators of the great institution we are so fortunate to attend.

The position of Treasurer is no small role to fill. Without a properly managed budget, the SBA cannot function at the capacity needed to provide our students with the value and care rightly demanded of a student government. Student events compose the core of the SBA, and ensuring that funding is available for each of the many terrific proposals we will doubtlessly hear in the coming year is imperative to maintaining that nucleus. I would also aim to finish the 2021-2022 school year with a surplus, so that the following administrations may benefit from the bloom of our present efforts.

Thank you for taking the time to read my platform and background. I am thrilled for the chance to work with each and every one of you for the next two years and beyond.

Candidate for Parliamentarian

Ty Robare

The Student Bar Association is a dynamic body of student leaders and, like its governing documents, thrives on participation, ideation, and erudition. For so very many reasons, the last calendar year has presented enumerable challenges, but this organization has stood strong in the face of such hardship and continues to build on its legacy with substantive changes to our bylaws. As a member of the Rules and Bylaws Committee, I have been party to such changes, including the implementation of elections for vacancies and clarifying rules for public comment. If elected, I plan to prioritize: (1) greatly expanding our accountability by requiring notice and records for general body and committee meetings, (2) creating a parliamentary procedure training meeting for newly elected 1L representatives, (3) engaging with fellow SBA members on suggested improvements to our existing governing documents, and (4) adding clear explanations for committees and their business in our existing bylaws. Thank you for taking the time to explore my ideas and exercising your right to vote, and, as always, go Gators!

Candidate for Secretary

To Be Announced

To be announced