The following are the duly elected members of your 2018-2019 UF Law Student Bar Association Class Representatives. Incoming 1L students will elect two (2) representatives from each section in Fall 2019 to serve their class. L.L.M. and Transfer students will also elect a representative.

More information on elections will be posted here by late September 2019, and elections will be scheduled soon after.

Each of the representatives also serve on constitutionally mandated and/or ad hoc committees.

3L Board Members

  • Yolen Bollo-Kamara
  • Alexis Castro
  • Elizabeth Cole-Greenblatt
  • Brenden Collins
  • Gaetano D’Anna
  • Olivia Laing
  • Kendall Mabry
  • Torri Macarages
  • Kate Magill

2L Board Members

  • Frankie Berardi
  • Narinah Jean-Baptiste
  • Arielle Jeter
  • Andrea Faverio
  • Chelsey Omega
  • Maria Haralambis
  • Jacquelyn Caroe
  • Emily Greentree
  • Preston Jones

1L Board Members 

  • Michael Cairo
  • Kassie Kilanowski
  • Mark Gnatowski
  • Jonathan Graham
  • Sama Kaseer
  • Keani Knight
  • Hope McKnight
  • Nicholas Jeffrey
  • Pranav S. Patel

Transfer Board Member

  • Andrew Stevens

LLM Board Member

  • George James (Jimmy) Harris