Below is the “Organization Allocations Request” (OAR)  that must be completed prior to the Allocations Hearing that a student organization is requesting funds at.

Before completing the form, please note the following:

  • To reserve a timeslot at a specific Allocations Hearing, this OAR is due the preceding Wednesday at 5:00 pm. Please see for a schedule of Allocations Hearings.
  • By submitting this form, your organization certifies that it will use or has used all L-account, F-account, and SG-account funds before this request is tendered. If your organization is unsure of its balance in the aforementioned accounts, or it is confused on the funding process, please contact SBA Treasurer Colby Ellis at
  • -If your organization will not use or has not used all other funds before this request is tendered, the request will be automatically cancelled and your organization risks being barred from receiving any future SBA funds.
  • This form must be accurate and complete. Any false or incomplete form will be automatically discarded.
  • This form can only be used for one request.