SBA Perks!

Click HERE to go to the perks page! (Password Required)


What are SBA Perks!?

SBA Perks! are special discounts given to law students by partners and supporters in the community! These unique benefits include travel discounts, and discounted event tickets at present, however we’re looking to engage additional partners within the community. You can help! If you have a favorite establishment here in Gainesville that you think we should be seeking a discount from, let us know by emailing us at!


I’m sold! How do I get in?

Some of our partners have requested that we as law students keep the benefits to ourselves, so we’ve locked the perks away! The link to the page is above, however you should reach out to your elected SBA Class Representative (hint, click “Board of Governors” in the ‘What is SBA?’ tab above), who can provide you with the password.