The Student Bar Association deploys committees to accomplish it’s initiatives and actively engage the student body in effectuating positive change at UF Law. The SBA Constitution mandates the following standing committees:

  1. Allocations
  2. Student Organizations Council
  3. Community Service
  4. Social
  5. Diversity
  6. Faculty-Student
  7. Rules
  8. Communications
  9. Eighth Judicial Bar Association Mentorship Program
  10. Constitutional Revision Committee

The President, after consulting with the Executive Board, may create other ad hoc committees as deemed advisable.

Review the currently active committees below to see current activities and initiatives, as well as committee contact info.

Chair: Richard Fuerst, Treasurer

The Allocations Committee handles the overall collection and disbursement of all SBA funds to student organizations. Organizations requesting funding will meet before the Allocations Committee.

Chair: Faith Chamberlain, Student Organizations Liaison

The Student Organizations Council is comprised of all student organizations at UF Law. Each SBA representative will work in this committee to address student organization issues and create collaborative network among student orgs on campus.

Chair: Makhena Barthalemy, 2L Board of Governors Member

The Community Service Committee is dedicated to making sure that students at UF Law stay active in the local community. This committee will host service events throughout the year and encourages all students to get involved and give back.

Chair: Milly Vasquez, Social Chair

The Social Committee will coordinate all SBA sponsored social events. This committee is dedicated to creating a strong professional and collegial network among students at UF Law.

Chair: Sheyla Marimon, 3L Board of Governors Member

The Diversity Committee’s goal is to intentionally foster and showcase diversity at UF Law by highlighting students and celebrating their unique backgrounds, experiences and stories.

Chair: A.J. D’Amico, 2L Board of Governors Member

The Faculty-Student Committee is comprised of various sub-committees of students who attend faculty meetings. This committee ensures that students are not only informed of faculty-led initiatives, but are also involved in the decision-making process.

Chair: Gaetano D’Anna, Communications Officer

The Communications Committee handles public relations, branding and messaging for SBA. This committee is dedicated to connecting students, faculty, and administration at UF Law through digital media and other forums.

Chair: John Cervera, Parliamentarian

The Rules Committee is responsible for the promulgation of rules and by-laws and the facilitation of amendments and Constitutional interpretation.