Your interests as a student are the most important part of SBA. We strive to be transparent and answer any and all questions to the best of our ability. If you’ve got questions or concerns not addressed below, feel free to reach out to us at

What is a student bar association?

Student bar associations are governing bodies for students at law schools. Our SBA is a single-branch government with constitutionally delegated authority from administration over enumerated functions of student life at UF Law. You can read more about the structure of SBA in our Constitution.

How long has UF Law had a Student Bar Association? 

The UF Law Student Bar Association was setablished in Spring 2017

Who can be a member of SBA?

All students are automatically members of SBA upon matriculation to UF Law. Membership is included in tuition.

How can I serve on SBA? 

Elections for the executive board are held each spring for the positions, as well as elections for 2L and 3L board of governors. All students are eligible to run for the executive board or board of governors, subject to constitutional limitations.

First year students will elect two (2) section representatives for each section each fall.

Information about each election will be shared via SBA communication channels, as well as by administration via email.

Is SBA part of a national association?

Yes! The SBA is connected to the ABA Law Students Division. The SBA president is a voting delegate in the ABA Law Students Division.

Are meetings open? 

Our SBA general assembly meetings will be open to attendance by all members of the student body, and we’ll be sure to give advanced notice of at least 48 hours. We strive to strictly follow Robert’s Rules of Order. Meeting minutes will always be made available within 48 hours of adjournment on the SBA website.

Please note that special set meetings called by the President may be open to the Board of Governors and the Executive Board only.

Can student organizations receive funding from the SBA?

Yes, all student organizations at UF Law are eligible to receive SBA funding if they have exhausted all other funding sources first, completed an Organization Allocations Request (OAR), and attended an Allocations hearing. In fact, a minimum of 33% of our annual budget must fund student organizations.

How can I determine whether I have exhausted my other funding sources?

Please review the UF Law Student Organization Funding Guide, which can be found here.

If I still have funds in my other sources, how do I access them?

Please review the UF Law Student Organization Funding Guide.

Where can I submit an Organization Allocations Request?

You can submit one online after completing all other steps outlined on the Funding and Allocations page.

When must student organizations submit an OAR?

All OARs must be submitted by 5:00 pm on the preceding Monday before the scheduled Allocations Hearing your organization wants to present at. The Allocations Hearings Schedule can be found on the Funding and Allocations page.

Can one OAR be used for multiple events and purchases?

One OAR can never be used for multiple events. One OAR can be used for multiple purchases as long as the purchases are for one single event.

Is there a master calendar for events?

Yes. UF Law’s website has a master calendar that all events registered through administration can participate in.

Our website also features a calendar. If you organization has an event scheduled through it’s Facebook page, please let Gaetano D’Anna know. Once we set up a scheduled import, all future events established through your Student Organization’s Facebook page will automatically post to our calendar.

How do I host an event and take advantage of SBA resources?

One of our strategic aims is to streamline event planning and centralize event information. We’ve compiled a brief guide that will help you iron out logistics and get students to attend. Following this guide will ensure your event is listed on the master calendar and other digital properties at UF Law.

Download the SBA Event Guide here.

How do I nominate someone for a diversity profile? 

You can nominate someone for a diversity profile by completing our simple form. We’ll ask for your contact info, a brief description of why your nominee is a great diversity profile, and some contact info for your nominee.

Who can see these profiles? Where will they be shared?

Part of SBA’s diversity strategy is to enhance the visibility of the students who enrich the diversity of the student body. To that end, diversity profiles will be shared on our blog, pushed to relevant social media channels, and likely shared by other users and organizations, including UF Law, on social media.

We request and require the full consent of every individual profiled since we are unable to moderate who shares content published to the Internet.

How do I register a new student organization?

Before creating a new organization, review the current organizations in GatorConnect to see if there is an existing group that has the same name or a similar purpose/goal.

If no organization currently exists, follow the steps below to create an organization.

  • Have a minimum of 10 members, three of whom will serve as either President, Vice President, or Treasurer.
  • Have a Student Organization Advisor who is a full-time, salaried faculty or staff member at the University of Florida.
  • Complete a New Student Organization Proposal Form through GatorConnect. Below is information required for the form:
    • Organization Name
    • Purpose of the proposed organization (i.e. – goals, values, and function)
      How the organization will contribute to the University’s mission
    • Need for this organization (include how current departments, offices, organizations, and/or programs are not currently meeting this need)
    • Target, or intended, members for this organization
    • Benefits to organization’s intended audience
    • Upon approval of the proposal form, attend a New Student Organization Information Session.
    • Two sessions are offered each month.
    • Upon approval, the officers will have two months to complete the Information Session (month of approval and subsequent month).
    • Submit an Electronic Registration through GatorConnect after attending a New Student Organization Information Session.
    • Must be submitted within a month of attending the Information Session.
    • A constitution is required as part of the registration process. Use the Constitution Requirements to create your organization’s constitution. A Constitution example can be found here.

How do I re-register an existing student organization?

Re-registration for organizations is Aug. 1- Sept. 29, 2017.

In order to register, student organizations must:

  • Have a minimum of 10 members, three of whom serve as either President, Vice President, or Treasurer.
  • Have a Student Organization Advisor who is a full-time, salaried faculty or staff member at the University of Florida.
  • Have a current constitution on file (must meet the University of Florida Constitution Requirements).
  • Submit an Electronic Registration through GatorConnect (must be done every fall semester to remain active even if no information has changed from the previous year). To do this, follow these steps:
    • Log into GatorConnect.
    • Click on “My organization” found on the toolbar across the top of the page.
    • Select your organization.
    • Click “Update My Organization” on the officer dashboard.
    • Complete the step-by-step registration and click submit.
    • Complete Officer Training in conjunction with electronic registration. You do not need to wait for registration approval.Training Dates, Times, and Locations TBA

What resources are currently available to get my org SBA-ready?

We recommend checking out our handy resource guide, which captures some of the important steps you can take to get your Org @ UF Law engaged with SBA.

What positions are open for election?

As per the SBA Constitution, all SBA Executive Board Officers shall be elected by a majority vote of those members who vote in such an election. Executive Board Officers include: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Parliamentarian, Communications Officer, Social Chair, Student Organizations Liaison, and Student Senator.

All members of the Board of Governors must be elected by a plurality of those members who vote in such an election. Second and third-year UF Law JD classes shall be represented on the Board of Governors by six (6) representatives from each class. The first-year class shall be represented on the Board of Governors by two (2) representatives from each first year section. The, post-JD LL.M. classes shall be represented on the Board of Governors by two (2) representatives. The transfer students shall be represented on the Board of Governors by one (1) representative. Only transfer students in their first semester as transfer students at UF Law will be permitted to vote for the position of transfer student representative. Each Class Representative must be a member of the class from which he or she is elected.

No officer, committee chairperson, or class representative may hold any other elected SBA position during his or her tenure.

When do SBA elections occur?

Elections for the Executive Board shall be held in February of each year.

Elections for the second and third year Class Representatives on the Board of Governors shall be held in February or March of each year, following the elections for Executive Board.

When do 1L, L.L.M., and transfer student SBA elections occur?

Elections for the first year, L.L.M., and transfer student Class Representatives shall be held in September of each year.

Who conducts the SBA elections? How are SBA elections conducted?

Before each election or duly-authorized referendum, the President, with the advice of the Executive Board, shall appoint three (3) students to serve on an Election Commission over which the Parliamentarian shall preside. An additional three (3) students will be appointed to the Election Commission by the Associate Dean of Students. If the Parliamentarian is a candidate for office in that election, the President shall designate another Officer to preside over the Commission. The Election Commission shall conduct elections and referenda. No student serving on the Election Commission may be a candidate in that election.

The Parliamentarian shall announce the date set for each election no later than ten (10) days prior to the date set for the election. The Parliamentarian shall ensure that SBA members are notified of the time and place of elections and balloting in a manner reasonably calculated to provide notice and allow participation in the process.

Who is eligible to run for office?

Each Executive Board Officer and each member of the Board of Governors must be taking classes at the College of Law during both semesters of the academic year following the spring elections, or in another UF College if enrolled in an approved joint degree program, be in good standing (minimum cumulative 2.0 grade point average), and be free from conduct and academic probation. All candidates for any office shall be either first or second year students enrolled at UF Law.

How does one run for office?

Any member of SBA who desires to run for any elected position, and who satisfies the qualifications for that position as defined in this Constitution, shall present to the Election Commission a statement of his or her intent to run for the office or position. All statements must be submitted by a deadline set by the Election Commission in order for candidates’ names to appear on the ballot.

Who may vote in elections?

Each member of SBA who is eligible to vote shall be entitled to cast one vote for each contested position. No more than one vote may be cast for any one candidate. No member may cast a vote for a write-in candidate. Any votes cast for write-in candidates will not be counted. The polls shall open no later than 9:00am and close no earlier than 4:00pm. The method of balloting used shall allow the Parliamentarian and Election Commission to ensure that only SBA members vote and that SBA members submit only one ballot. The ballots shall be certified and counted by the Parliamentarian and the Election Commission.

What if there is a tie?

If no candidate for an Executive Officer position receives a majority of the votes cast, or candidates for the Board of Governors receive an equal amount of votes, a run-off election shall be held within one week of the original election, between the candidates with the highest number of votes for that position.

What if there are any unfilled position?

If no candidate for an Executive Officer position receives a majority of the votes cast, a run-off election shall be held within one week of the original election, between the two candidates with the highest number of votes for that position.

How may the SBA Constitution be amended?

The Executive Board cannot amend the Constitution. Amendments to this Constitution may be proposed by the Board of Governors. Such amendments shall require the approval of two-thirds (2/3) vote of the entire voting membership of the SBA. Amendments to this Constitution may also be proposed by initiative. Any SBA member may propose an amendment to this Constitution by presenting to the Board of Governors a petition signed by no less than 125 members of SBA. An amendment proposed by initiative need not be approved by the Board of Governors and shall be submitted directly to the student body for ratification. The Associate Dean for Students shall be provided with a copy of any proposed amendment prior to the vote.

How are SBA by-laws made?

The Executive Board may propose bylaws for SBA and amendments to any adopted SBA bylaws. Bylaws and amendments to bylaws shall be presented to the members of SBA and shall require the approval of two-thirds (2/3) vote of the SBA. The Associate Dean for Students shall be provided with a copy of any proposed bylaw or amendment to a bylaw prior to the vote. If a provision in an adopted bylaw conflicts with a provision in this Constitution, the Constitutional provision will control.

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What does the Faculty-Student Committee do?
Our committee places students on various UF Law Faculty Committees, in both voting and non-voting positions. The Faculty-Student Committee sources applications for specific Faculty Committees at the beginning of the school year, once the Faculty Committees have been determined by the Dean of the Law School.

How do I apply for a position on the Faculty-Student Committee?
Applications will be available upon the finalization of the Faculty Committees during the Fall semester.

What does the position entail?
The position will involve attending Faculty Committee meetings. Students may be asked to offer their opinion from time to time at the request of the Faculty Committee, and should come to each meeting prepared to meaningfully contribute. The committee member will then present a short synopsis of the faculty meeting to the Faculty-Student Committee.

Is SBA on Facebook?

Yes! SBA has a Facebook page where we will share news, photos and interactive content to get student feedback. Please follow us there to get the latest in SBA news in your feed.

Will SBA share my student organization’s content or event?

SBA is proud to support Orgs @ UF Law through the leadership of our Student Organizations Liaison and the Student Organizations Committee. Our website offers a calendar that populates all club events that are published on Facebook as located at UF Law. While we look forward to highlighting successes of students, we are unable to accommodate the promotion of club events on Facebook at this time.


What is the photography policy for SBA events?

We’ve all had that picture of us eating a big slice of pizza tagged on Facebook for 8 hours without us noticing. While SBA events are public in nature and will almost always be recorded in some fashion, we will strive to remove unwanted photos in a timely manner if you notify us via Facebook message.