The UF Law Student Bar Association is comprised of an executive board and board of governors that the student body of UF Levin College of Law elects each year. These members all serve on committees where business originates. Elected representatives propose initiatives in committee before presenting to the general board for a vote. The general board is also comprised of elected representatives.

The general board votes are held at open meetings that all students are welcome to attend. We hold public comment periods, and give comments due consideration; however, votes on business are limited to those given that power by the SBA constitution. Meetings are posted on Facebook and on the calendar. They are standing meetings held every other Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. in room 355 C unless otherwise noted. The next SBA General Body Meeting is on Nov. 1

In between meetings, all elected representatives can be reached via email. Their email addresses are available on These officers are there to represent their respective class years and sections, and they are more than glad to meet with students who seek to take an active role in shaping their student experience.

Over the past few days, SBA has tabled for a Diversity Committee initiative passed according to procedure in a general body meeting. Ultimately, it was discussed at length, and it was democratically passed. As a part of our Constitutional mandate to support diversity in all its forms, we voted to approve a tabling theme that draws attention to the current LGTBQ blood ban, which is a discriminating regulatory issue that affects a significant portion of our student population.

As the minutes and information posted to the SBA website indicate, it was proposed as an event in tandem with the blood drive, a model used by the National LGBT Bar Association. To the extent that any information was circulated that SBA was hosting the drive, it was in error, and we will take more care to moderate and clarify going forward. There are students on this campus that have worked hard to bring that here. Their efforts to save lives are appreciated.

Students have the power of their vote and their voice. You will again have the chance to vote for your SBA representatives in the spring, and we encourage you to exercise that vote. We also encourage you to talk with your current duly elected representatives for this term and express your concerns and ideas. Again, should you ever have a concern, all of the governors and executive board members can be reached via email, and they are all glad to answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting and being part of continuing to make Levin the best it can be.